“Kiddie” Hour: What You Need To Know

HEllburg Village is returning to Ellensburg, WA for its fourth year! And, as in previous year we are offering a toned down version of the event for more sensitive community members. The “Kiddie Hour” version sells tickets from 6-7pm and is recommended, at parent discretion, for school-aged children (1st grade minimum) up to age 12. Every person, every child, is different as far as to what they will find scary or “too much.” We cannot know how your individual child will respond and have to trust their grown-up’s judgement.


Please do familiarize yourself with our “Boos & Don’ts.” For liability reasons, if your child is unable to continue through the haunt on their own two feet we cannot allow you to pick them up inside the event and must instead escort you out. We are also unable to issue refunds, so if you have questions about the appropriateness of our event for your family we strongly recommend in investing in a ticket for yourself to go through first without the kids so you can determine what is right for your family.


This version of the event keeps the character of the event and is very atmospheric, but it lacks overt violence, blood and gore. Some of the key differences that separate the “Kiddie Hour” version from the “Mature Audiences” version are that the toned down version does not use (blank firing) prop weapons, strobe lights or fog machines. Also, the use of chemical scent scares is very limited. Our actors are instructed and trained to tone down their scenes to the level of the youngest (or most scared) child in any group during Kiddie hour, but sometimes even that is too much for young ones already frightened of unfamiliar spooky or dark environments and strangers in make-up and costumes.


Some Real Examples from Haunting Ellensburg’s Previous Years

On our opening weekend our first year we had a young man of 9 or 10 years old come to HEllburg Village for the toned down version. With parental approval he went through “alone” (in a group but without his parents) and he LOVED the kiddie version. Again, with parental approval he came back later, wanting to go through the mature audiences version (recommended for ages 13+) at dusk- and still without his parents. Not only did he make it all the way through, he enjoyed the experience.We still find him remarkable as we had many adults who could not make it all the way through the adult version of our event!


Three experienced haunters (an older gentleman, a youth and a child) from another event came to our opening night one year and, with skepticism as to how good our scares could be, decided to go through the toned-down version of HEllburg Village while waiting for the mature audiences version. Our toned-down version was so effective that, while loving the experience, they chose to not remain for the version with the full effect as they concluded it would not be appropriate for their younger member(s). We fully supported them in that decision.


We also had some families who discovered their children were too scared to even enter the village. For a few others, their children became too frightened to continue through the event of their own volition and our staff had to lead them out one of our emergency exits (you may not carry anyone of any age through the event- this creates a safety hazard and our insurance requires we escort you out under these circumstances).


Children, youth and adults who don’t want the full-horror effect but still want a chance to get scared may find Kiddie Hour version to be the perfect way to enjoy the holiday spirit without a traumatizing experience. To get your tickets, come to our Haunting Ellensburg Admissions desk to purchase your tickets (or buy VIP Tickets online) between 6-7pm on any of our open nights (Oct. 13/14, 20/21 and 27/28, 2017)  and then get in line. We will process all the groups who have purchased tickets prior to 7pm for the Kiddie Hour version prior to taking a break to reset the event for the Mature Audiences version. Once the event has been reset for the night, we are unable to revert back to the Kiddie Hour version.

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