HEllburg Village, is it too scary for kids?

A photo from the make-up and Costume Tests for HEllburg Village. Photography by R. Van Der Does of ButterflySundries.com
A photo from the make-up and Costume Tests for HEllburg Village. Photography by R. Van Der Does of ButterflySundries.com

Haunting Ellensburg is bringing HEllburg Village back to Ellensburg, WA again this year; with a brand new story line and new scenes, early reports are that it is scarier than ever! But, is HEllburg Village too scary for kids, even during the version for “kiddie” hour?


HEllburg Village, Haunting Ellensburg’s main attraction, offers a toned-down version of the main event designed for school-age children (1st grade minimum- obviously), youth and adults who don’t want the full-horror effect but still want a chance to get scared. Tickets are sold for this version from 6-7pm of all the nights Haunting Ellensburg is open (Fridays and Saturdays, October 9th to the 24th, and Thursday through Saturday October 29th-31st). This “kiddie” version keeps the character of the event and is very atmospheric, but it lacks overt violence, blood and gore. As to its suitability for your children, that depends upon the disposition of your children; we leave that to your discretion.


On our opening weekend last year we had a young man of 8 years old come to HEllburg Village for the toned down version. With parental approval he went through “alone” (in a group but without his parents) and he LOVED the kiddie version. Again, with parental approval he came back later, wanting to go through the mature audiences version (recommended for ages 13+) at dusk- and still without his parents. Not only did he make it all the way through, he enjoyed the experience.We still find him remarkable as we had many adults who could not make it all the way through the adult version of our event!


Three experienced haunters (an older gentleman, a youth and a child) from another event came to our opening night last year and, with skepticism as to how good our scares could be, decided to go through the toned-down version of HEllburg Village while waiting for the mature audiences version. Our toned-down version was so effective that, while loving the experience, they chose to not remain for the version with the full effect as they concluded it would not be appropriate for their younger member(s). We fully supported them in that decision.


We also had some families who discovered their children were too scared to even enter the village. For a few others, their children became too frightened to continue through the event of their own volition and our staff had to lead them out one of our emergency exits (you may not carry anyone of any age through the event- this creates a safety hazard and our insurance requires we escort you out under these circumstances). We are debuting our Boneyard Barn attraction this year for families such as these so they may experience a quality spooky event the whole family can enjoy together!


As always, if you have concerns regarding whether or not either version of our HEllburg Village is appropriate for your children (of any age), we strongly recommend coming to our event without them first. Go through whichever version you are considering for your family yourself and then make your own informed decision; if you determine neither version of HEllburg Village is appropriate for your kids, we recommend going through our spooky Boneyard Barn instead. Age appropriate patrons who successfully get through it will receive a special $2 off coupon for General Admission to our main HEllburg Village attraction.

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