Fortuneteller Says No Boneyard Barn in 2017

With great regret, Haunting Ellensburg has decided after great deliberation and reflection to cancel the Boneyard Barn portion of our Haunting Ellensburg Event for 2017. With the increasing costs associated with putting on our events and the need to have our volunteer haunters’ attention elsewhere, we have decided to redirect our focus solely on our main event (with a few extra surprises in negotiations), HEllburg Village.


We are grateful for the level of community patronage we received for the Boneyard Barn event for the previous 2 years and enjoyed the opportunity to offer an attraction specifically designed for families with younger children who weren’t ready for HEllburg Village, as well as community members with mobility impairments or other disabilities which prohibited them from going through the Village with their friends or families. We believe Halloween activities should be available for everyone to enjoy and, should resources allow in the future, will be happy to consider resurrecting the event in the future.


In the meantime, we recommend families with school-age children (1st grade up to 12 years) consider coming to our main Haunting Ellensburg event, HEllburg Village, for tickets between 6-7pm on any of the dates we are open (Oct. 13/14, 20/21, 27/28, 2017) to enjoy the “Kiddie Hour” version of our Old West haunted village (as always, parental discretion is advised; you know your child’s sensibilities better than we will). The “Kiddie Hour” version has no strobe lights, fog machines or firing of stage weapons; the story line is also toned down for younger audiences with no overt gore and limited scents in use. For children on the younger side or with more sensitive sensibilities, we recommend coming as early as possible to increase the natural light available during your time in our event. We process all groups on-site who have purchased their tickets for Kiddie Hour before 7pm prior to resetting the haunt for the Mature Audiences version. Once the haunt has started the Mature Audiences version of the event, we cannot revert back to the toned-down version that night.



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