Here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions…

Who’s putting Haunting Ellensburg on?

Haunting Ellensburg is a program of Kron, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to promoting literacy, education and character building programs throughout the Pacific Northwest. This event is a community outreach program to create opportunities for kids, youth and families to participate in a theatrical arts event who may not otherwise have the chance or incentive to do so. Participants have the opportunity to gain a sense of community, develop job skills and obtain volunteer experience with a non-profit. Our other local programs include Fencing for Fun, Knight School and Veritas Medieval Faire. One of our best-known regional programs is Knights of Veritas which primarily offers educational programming through schools, libraries and museums.


Who gets the money made from ticket sales?

Haunting Ellensburg is using the money collected from ticket sales to support Kron, Inc., the non-profit putting this event on. Funds will be used in part to facilitate more local programming (such as Fencing for Fun, Knights’ School and Veritas Medieval Faire) through the support of the operating budget and aid in the development of next year’s Haunting Ellensburg attraction. In future years we hope to develop other local partnerships to help support other local outreach, such as the preservation of the old cemetery in Roslyn.


Is this event non-smoking?

Yes! For the health of our staff, volunteers and patrons we have a 100% non-smoking policy for all areas of our event. No tobacco products will be allowed within the haunt and no one is permitted to smoke while in line or waiting (e-cigarettes are also banned). We have several staff and volunteers with severe chemical sensitivities to tobacco smoke and residue, so to make this event accessible to them (and comply with Federal laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act) we cannot make exceptions to this policy.


Is this event handicap accessible?

It depends upon your handicap. Unfortunately, due to the nature of old buildings (and the fact that we do not own them), we cannot change their structure to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. If you have mobility issues which would hinder your ability to move quickly, run or handle uneven floors- with much regret- we must recommend you reconsider coming as a patron to HEllburg Village. Many of our scares are designed to create a sense of urgency; the full effect cannot be accomplished effectively when not timed as designed. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us! Or, if you would like to volunteer for some our scares, we do have certain buildings and opportunities through which you may choose to get involved!


What kind of haunt is this?

Well, we should start out with what kind of haunt we’re not. Hellburg Village is not a “guys in rubber masks with glow in the dark butcher knives who jump out from behind trees” kind of haunt. We are more of a psychological terror, visceral reaction, we’ll use as many of your senses as possible to give you nightmares for months kind of haunt. (With a toned down version for younger ages and those of sensitive dispositions during the first hour.)


Is it really scary? 
Yes. HEllburg Village is really scary (for most people, including experienced haunters)! The “Kiddie Hour” version is less scary, but can still be frightening for some depending upon their tolerance level.


Is this event suitable for my children?

For HEllburg Village we have a toned down version, recommended for (1st grade) school age children up to age 12, during the first hour on Friday and Saturday nights. The scarier version will be in the final hours. As to its suitability, we cannot know your sensibilities or those of your child; every person is different as far as to what and how they will or will not respond. If you are concerned something might be too scary we recommend coming first by yourself for the toned-down version and make your own determination.

Rule of Thumb: If you wouldn’t bring your child to a PG-13 rated movie, it is probably not a good idea to bring them to a haunted house without coming through the haunt first to check it out by yourself. We have had young children go through and have a great time and adults who go through and are almost in tears! You’re the parent, you be the judge.


Is there security?

Yes. We do our best to have our staff watch out for you.


Will the actors grab us, or can we touch the actors? 
No. Actors will not grab you except under specific circumstances (e.g. to assist you if you fall or to help guide you if you have a panic attack). Please be respectful and do not touch them. Incidental and unintentional contact may occur, but we consider the safety of our staff and patrons to be of the utmost importance and will not hesitate to call the event to a stop if there is an altercation.


Can I wear a costume to Haunting Ellensburg?
Yes. You can wear costumes to the haunted house. However, we ask that you not wear a mask or carry a prop.


Can pregnant women go through the haunt?

We do not recommend pregnant women to go through the haunted house. We suggest calling your OBGYN and/or Physician to discuss the situation with them.


Can I bring my dog/cat/pet?

No, it’s just too scary for our furry friends at Haunting Ellensburg. They would probably be more comfortable at home with the other scaredy cats…err humans.


May I go through more than once?
With the purchase of a new ticket each time, absolutely!


Is the haunt the same every night?

No. You can expect to find some minor, and occasionally major, differences in the way the haunt is presented from night to night- sometimes even hour to hour. We like to mix it up to keep it fresh and enjoyable, not just for repeat “victims” but also for our actors. We don’t offer a guarantee the scenes will be exactly the same for each group or every night, but we do our best to offer you the most “Screams per Minute” value for your admission price!


“I made it all the way through,” and  “I or my companion/child got too scared to finish,” “After I purchased a ticket I decided the wait was too long” and “[Insert your reason here]…. Do you give refunds?”

Like sporting events and other large attractions, we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. We are not aware of any professional haunted event that offers refunds. If you are concerned about wait times, we recommend purchasing a VIP Ticket to reduce your wait time at the gate.


How long is the wait in line? 
It depends.  During the beginning of October, there is typically a short wait. As it gets closer to Halloween, the wait can be very long- sometimes a few hours. The closer you come to opening time the shorter the wait. We do offer VIP Tickets that offer a much shorter wait!


How large of a group can enter the haunted house?
We try to keep our group sizes to about five people, max. If we allow group sizes to get any larger the scares become less effective and there is the potential for safety hazards.


Can we be denied access to the haunt? 
Yes. We will not allow foul language, obscene behavior, weapons, alcohol, drugs, etc… We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone we deem not appropriate for entry. For ideas as to our behavior guidelines, please see our “Boos and Don’ts.”


Can we take photos and/or videos inside the haunted house?
No. Photography and video recording are not permitted; cell phones must be turned off prior to entry.


I think I lost my purse/wallet/phone/something else important in the haunt! Who do I contact?

Please go to the gate on a night of the haunt or send us a message via our Contact page and provide us with your name, contact information, and a detailed description of your missing item. If we find something matching your description we will contact you- but we offer no guarantees regarding in what kind of condition it will be if we find it. Regrettably, we cannot stop our event to look for your missing property, as other patrons are in line waiting.


Are there discounts for children/students/seniors/etc.?

No. All tickets are the same price regardless of age. We do, however, offer coupons at select Coupon Sponsor Locations and a military discount (coupon rate for a General Admission Ticket) with a valid military ID.


I got a coupon for $2 off the admission price. Can I use that for a VIP Ticket?

Sorry, no. We cannot offer that option at this time. Coupons and discounts are only able to be used for General Admission.


Do you accept credit cards? 
Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express at our on-site Box Office.


I want to do a story on Haunting Ellensburg, who should I contact? 
Please call (509) 855-1500 or use our Contact page.


I want to volunteer! How do I get involved?

Please contact us via our Contact page.


My question wasn’t answered here. How can I get in touch with you?

We’re glad you asked! You may contact us via our contact form found here.






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  • October 22, 2017 at 7:27 pm

    is the waiting area indoors or outdoors?

    Thank you!

    • October 23, 2017 at 6:13 pm

      Hi MacKenzie!

      The waiting area is outdoors for our indoor/outdoor haunt but the weekend forecast for Oct. 27/28 is looking like it will at least be dry. VIP Tickets will make wait times shorter, as will arriving earlier in the evening. Hope this helps!


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