By Order of the HEllburg Deputies: No Recording

By order of the HEllburg Village deputies, no recording activities (or recording devices) are allowed inside Haunting Ellensburg events. This means no phones, no cameras, no go-pros, or any other similar-functioning device can be used once you enter the event.  And while we will make jokes about how people are more interested in experiencing the world through a lens than interacting with the environment or world around them, this is actually a serious matter.


For safety purposes, all attendees have to be aware of their surroundings. If you are paying attention to your phone or trying to get “just the right angle” you aren’t paying attention to what’s around you in our dark and atmospheric environment. Rudeness aside,  that distraction can create hazards for yourself and others. Consider, for example, if you aren’t paying attention to your footing and trip and fall; not only could you damage your replaceable but expensive toy, you could permanently harm yourself or another person. We won’t take that risk.


Though we warn people every year, there’s always someone who wants to break the rules. Invariably, we wind up with patrons who drop and lose their phones inside the event. There are people who think it will be cool to sneak in their phones or cameras and try to record their surroundings…. Don’t be that person. Our volunteers and staff are watching and they will not only stop the event to tell you to stop, they will stop the event to kick you out for creating a safety hazard. That’s a good way to get permanently banned from HEllburg Village. We all want to have a horrifically good time, but we won’t tolerate anyone risking the safety of volunteers or patrons.


Visit our Boos & Don’ts to learn about what other things can (and will) get you kicked out of our event.

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