Boos & Don’ts

For your safety, that of other patrons, as well as our staff and volunteers, we kindly ask that follow our “Boos & Don’ts” Rules during your time at our haunted event.


  • Haunting Ellensburg reserves the right to refuse service to, or eject from the event, any persons for any reason- especially violating the rules!
  • Do come & have a great time!
  • Do listen to and follow the instructions of the Haunt staff/volunteers.
  • Be respectful. We will not tolerate the mistreatment of our staff or volunteers.
  • Do come sober; if you appear to have been drinking or under the influence of another substance you will not be allowed in the event- even with a ticket!
  • Do behave responsibly; patrons displaying inappropriate, disruptive, unsafe, or immature behavior will be refused and/or ejected.
  • Don’t smoke on-site (including while you are in-line or in the event). We have staff, volunteers and patrons with health issues which make any amount of exposure to cigarette smoke or residue unsafe. E-cigarettes and vapes are are also banned.
  • Don’t bring any weapons, alcohol/drugs or animals on site.
  • Do not touch or try to scare the actors.
  • Do not carry other persons, of any size (infant, child, adult) for any reason inside HEllburg Village.
  • Turn your cell phones off and keep them pocketed.
  • No masks (or other costuming) is allowed which obscures the faces of patrons.
  • No recording or photography of any kind is allowed inside our events.
  • No flashlights are allowed inside our events.
  • Do wear fully-enclosed shoes and appropriate clothing.
  • Open umbrellas are not allowed once you enter the haunt.
  • Coupons may not be used for VIP Passes
  • 1 Coupon per person, per visit.
  • Please pay with cash, credit card or debit.
  • Parental Discretion is ALWAYS advised, regardless of which event you choose.
  • Haunting Ellensburg is not responsible for any lost or damaged items of patrons (valuable or not); we do not recommend you take them inside our event!
  • Do Remember: We don’t give refunds under any circumstances.
  • Up to age 10, a parent must accompany a minor through the haunt (2 tickets required).
  • WARNING: You will be exposed to graphic sights, sounds, smells, environments and scares which will include fog machines and flashing lights. If you have (or suspect you have) medical or psychological sensitivities to these things we do not recommend you enter.
  • WARNING: Our HEllburg Village haunt location is not handicap accessible; we cannot change the nature of the historic buildings. If you have mobility or health issues which would impair your ability to run, bend and stoop- or would impact your balance on uneven surfaces, this event will not be safe for you!
  • WARNING: If you have any health conditions (e.g. heart), let us know before going through the haunt!
  • WARNING: Service Animals are not allowed. Unless they have been specifically trained to handle the sounds, smells and environments of our haunt- allowing them in is a danger to you, them, other patrons and us!

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