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HEllburg Village

Haunting Ellensburg presents… HEllburg Village:

Come to our Old West haunted village on Fridays and Saturdays, October 14th to the 29th, from 6-10pm!

The horrible Wendigo of 2015 finally lumbered away from the village to seek new prey, as terrified townsfolk barricaded themselves in and waited it out for many difficult and frightening weeks. Things in HEllburg Village have been on the upswing since then, with new prosperity due to the discovery of a mysterious new mineral dubbed “Devil’s Blood.” Everyone wants to get their hands on some of this elusive red stone…

Guests will be pulled into a horrific version of the Old West as they encounter villagers who are poisoned by Devil’s Blood, and will stop at nothing to get it! Perils await you around every corner as you wind your way through the maze from cabin to cabin, seeking refuge. Will it be a treacherous villager that finally catches you, or a posse trying to cleanse the town? Will you fall under the sway of Devil’s Blood yourself? How will you survive?

This professional haunt will be an assault on the senses, featuring elaborate make-up, costumes, sets, lights, sounds and other effects.

SCHOOL AGE kids up to age 12 are welcome from 6-7pm for the toned down version. Ages 13-adult will get the full effect from 7-10pm! PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

For younger visitors and their families, we will also be hosting Boneyard Barn right next door to the HEllburg Village, suitable for all ages.

HELLBURG VILLAGE: $10 for general admission (cash, credit or debit on-site) or $15 for VIP (shorter wait in line, tickets available online, no coupons accepted). Both options include a FREE ticket to Boneyard Barn. One ticket, one entry.