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Broken Heart Boos & Don’ts

For your safety, that of other patrons, as well as our staff and volunteers, we kindly ask that follow our “Boos & Don’ts” Rules during your time at our Broken Heart Masquerade event.


  • Haunting Ellensburg reserves the right to refuse service to, or eject from the event, any persons for any reason- especially violating the rules!
  • Do come & have a great time!
  • Do listen to and follow the instructions of the dance staff/volunteers.
  • Be respectful. We will not tolerate the mistreatment of our staff, volunteers or other attendees. This is a safe space for everyone to come and have fun.
  • Do bring picture ID. We will have a beer garden and all those who wish to enter that portion of the event will be required to present identification.
  • Do behave responsibly; patrons displaying inappropriate, unsafe, or immature behavior will be refused and/or ejected.
  • Do pay with cash, credit card or debit.
  • Do remember: we don’t give refunds under any circumstances.
  • Don’t overindulge. Persons who are unruly or under the influence of any other substances will not be allowed to stay in the event- even with a ticket!
  • Don’t smoke on-site (including while you are in-line or in the event). We have staff, volunteers and patrons with health issues which make any amount of exposure to cigarette smoke or residue unsafe. E-cigarettes and vapes are are also banned.
  • Don’t bring any weapons.
  • Don’t bring any outside food or drink to the event.
  • Don’t bring any animals (service animals are allowed).