A Super THANK YOU to the cast and crew of Haunting Ellensburg 2014!

We couldn’t have done it without the help of so many dedicated staff and volunteers! In alphabetical order by first name…


Andrew- Middle Slackjaw

Bre- Manor Lady, publicity, sets, props, costumes

Brennan- Guide, sound design

Brittany- Makeup Lead, costumes

Cari- End Slackjaw

Chelsea- End Slackjaw, Manor Lady

Christina- End and Middle Slackjaw, sets

Curtis- Bartender, Build Lead, sets, costumes, props

David- Bobo

Duncan- Unpleasant Merchant, sets

Dylan- Preacher, Middle Slackjaw

Eric-  Butcher, Director, lights, effects, graphic design, publicity, sets, props, sponsorships, purchasing, cat-herder-in-chief and all-around Head Ghoul.

Fran- Door Scare, props

Glen- Guide, publicity, sets

Ian- Security Lead, backstage management, sets

Irie- Schoolgirl, Manor Girl

Jared- End Slackjaw

Justin- sets and special materials coordination

Katy- Schoolgirl, Victim

Kayla- Manor Girl, publicity

Lakyn- Victim, Skinned Girl, publicity, sets, makeup

Laura G.- Headmistress, sets, photography

Laura S.- Schoolgirl

Lindsey- Admissions, publicity

Liam- Lumberjack, sounds, publicity

Mariah- Victim, sets

Maxwell- Middle Slackjaw, publicity

Monica- sets

Nathan- security

Nykole- Skinned Girl

Rebekka- Assistant Director, Admissions, publicity, graphic design, photography, sponsorships, website, bureaucratic support

Stephanie- Skinned Girl, publicity, sets

Tammy- Bite Victim

Tara- Middle Slackjaw

Tyler- End Slackjaw, Lumberjack

Yuri- Slackjaw

Zachary- Guide, Lumberjack, Slackjaw

Zack- End Slackjaw


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